Yr12 Subject Choices

All pathways available at AUEA are Level 3. They are either A Levels or equivalent to A Levels. All pathways allow progression to university and we value each pathway equally.

When choosing pathways students should carefully consider their prior attainment (GCSE results), in particular for progression onto an A Level course as you will need to have achieved a Grade B at GCSE in this course. You should also consider your preferred learning style and whether you prefer a more academic and examination focused pathway (A Level), or a more practical and applied route assessed via coursework (BTEC).

Over the next 3 years A Levels move to linear courses. The subjects affected by the change offered at AUEA are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English Literature. AS results no longer count towards the overall A Level qualification. These A Levels will therefore be internally assessed at the end of Year 12 and externally assessed at the end of Year 13.