We're thrilled to announce that Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA) @astonuniversity @auea_utc has secured a £500,000 Landmark Grant from The Goldsmiths' Company Charity to establish the groundbreaking 'Goldsmiths' Institute'. This transformative initiative, developed with support from the Goldsmiths' Centre in London, is set to redefine education by integrating specialised skills and design training from Year 9 through Sixth Form.

But why is this significant?

🎓 Empowering Young Careers: The Goldsmiths' Institute will serve as a dynamic skills hub, empowering Birmingham's young minds to embark on fulfilling careers in the art of goldsmithing. This visionary move aligns perfectly with Aston University's commitment to nurturing talent and creating pathways for the next generation.

⚙️ Craftsmanship Enriching Birmingham: Birmingham's rich legacy in goldsmithing receives a tremendous boost with this Institute. By embedding skills training directly into the curriculum, they are creating a sustained talent pipeline for the city's renowned Jewellery Quarter. This, in turn, propels our city's cultural and socio-economic development.

🚀 Future Workforce Readiness: Birmingham's young talents will now have access to emerging and advanced skills, positioning them as vital contributors to the future workforce. The Goldsmiths' Institute reflects the Aston University's commitment to not just educate but to shape a future where craftsmanship thrives.

🔗 Integration with 2030 Strategy: This landmark project is in perfect synergy with Aston University's 2030 strategy. As we embrace our city, this Institute stands as a testament to our dedication to enriching Birmingham's cultural landscape.

This isn't just a grant; it's an investment in the future of Birmingham's craftsmanship. Together, let's empower young talents and elevate the art of goldsmithing to new heights! 🌟🔨💎

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