• Students will develop skills useful for employment and higher education
  • Provides sound progression from GCSE and the new Technical Awards
  • Focuses on the design and manufacture of products
  • Offers relevant and interesting content for study with theoretical knowledge related to design and making activities
  • Students have the opportunity to develop practical skills, theoretical knowledge and skills to work in a wide range of careers- especially those in the creative industries
  • Students will study historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic influences on Design and Technology and put their learning into practice by designing and making products
  • Students will develop an understanding of what it is like to be a designer and maker

Complementary Subjects.

Product Design goes well with many subjects from Science and Maths A-Levels to Business Studies and vocational pathways.

Business Maths Biology Chemistry Physics

Career Pathways.

Product Design could take you into a number of exciting career paths from Product or Automotive Design to Animation, Architecture, Manufacturing, Advertising or Engineering.

Careers Page

Student Views.

Product Design gives you the chance to experiment with different ideas whilst exploring how they can be manufactured. We had the chance to work on projects with real clients such as Artemide and Aston University.

- Alex Flanagan

Product Design is a challenging subject that allows you to showcase your creative abilities.

- Waseem Hussain


Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting.

Year 1
Short projects working with our industry partners to develop design, CAD and manufacturing skills in preparation for the final NEA work
Exam knowledge and understanding practise and preparation tasks
Year 2
Technical Principles
2 h 30
120 marks
Mixture of short and extended response
Designing and Making Principles
1h 30
80 marks
Mixture of short and extended response
Product analysis questions
Commercial manufacture questions
Non Examination
Assessment (NEA)
45 hours
Single substantial design and make task
Written or electronic portfolio. Must include photographic evidence of practical outcome