Considering moving school whether at the end of year 8 or 11, is not a simple decision, but we hope through our shared information, website, events and staff discussions these decisions are easier.


  • Highest national number of Engineering graduates in Year 13.

  • Number 1 in Midlands for Vocational Education and 12th nationally out of 4000 schools.

  • Curriculum focused on Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Business.

  • Science GCSE results amongst the  highest in the UK.

  • Nationally leading destination data for our graduates.

  • Industry links focused on skills needed for  the 21st century workforce.

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Being a UTC


The first thing that makes us different is that we are not a school or a college but one of the first major University Technical Colleges (UTC) in the UK and have a proven track record in producing successful young Engineers and Scientists.  48 UTC's are open across England, educating over 14,000 students, and supported by more than 400 employers and universities.

UTCs are rapidly becoming the first point of call for employers looking for young Engineers and Scientists with advanced technical skills. These skills at all levels are desperately needed if the UK is to prosper in the 21st century and compete on an international level in these fields. With 3.5 million Scientists and Engineers needed by 2020, we need to double the number of apprenticeships and graduates.


of our graduates at 19 years old went on to study Engineering or Science Higher Apprenticeships or undergraduate degrees at leading courses and employers across the UK.

This is 26% higher than national average for all UTCs and 45% higher than the national average of standard schools.

"UTCs play an important part in meeting the needs of employers and providing brilliant career opportunities for young people."

Allan Cook CBE, Chairman, Atkins Global

University Sponsored

Aston University has long been recognised as an international leading centre of Engineering and Science excellence, especially in academic research and employer driven learning. Sponsoring a UTC was a natural progression for Aston and over the last 8 years they have worked closely with staff and students in supporting the future generations of engineers and scientists. The University supports all aspects of AUEA including hosting; student induction, master classes, mentoring and work experience.


In 2015, 100% of students from AUEA who applied to Aston University were offered places on their chosen degree course.

Employer Focussed

Aston University Engineering Academy has exciting links with a wide range of industrial partners to ensure that the academy has an industrial focused curriculum. 

These partners support us in many different ways by advising on skills need, providing focused work placements, running workshops, supporting curriculum design and providing specialist industry equipment.

Work related learning and placements are fundamental to our ethos. All students have focused placements up to four weeks in year 10 and three weeks in year 12.