Our Learner Development team (Pastoral support) is supported by ‘College Leaders’ and our Director of Sixth Form who have day to day responsibility for supporting and monitoring progress and pastoral development. 

The Learner Development team is also responsible for those students on our SEN register.

Monitoring Progress.

The main focus of Learner Development is achievement. We monitor progress very carefully on a day to day basis during ‘Learning Review’. This is the time spent each day with their Learning Review Tutor and co-tutor reviewing learning and learning targets.

Students focus on progress and exceeding expected grades. Learning Review Tutors can also establish support and intervention strategies to overcome barriers to learning and progress. This is established via subject teachers, College Leaders and parents. Learning Review Tutors are usually the first point of contact for a parent.

Online Tracking.

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is called Firefly. Parents have access to a parent portal which allows them to view their child’s attendance, punctuality and Attitude To Learning. Student’s reports are also available to view using this facility. 

Firefly also allows parents to see what learning and assignments their child has been set, along with any details that have been missed. It is extremely important that you access this on a regular basis. 

You can have regular conversations and dialogue with your child about their progress and attitude. This is an essential support process for your child and for AUEA.

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If your child needs support in any area of Academy life then intervention will be offered and you will be made aware of what we are doing to support your child and why. It is also your responsibility to inform us of any issues of learning or any conduct concerns that were features of their prior learning.

If you have strategies and suggestions on how we can support your child then you should let us know.

You should do this before your child joins us in September but you can offer guidance at any time during the academic year. There may be family issues that are affecting your child’s learning. This is of urgent concern to us. We will always support your child regardless of circumstances.

‘Positive’ Attitude to Learning.

We expect the highest standards of conduct and we take any issue of misconduct very seriously. There is a very specific set of expectations for a positive Attitude To Learning.

The ‘Learning Attributes’ (7 R’s) is a cornerstone of our philosophy at AUEA. The attributes are a skill set of work-based competencies and professional character traits that employers and universities will seek in successful candidates.

Each week, every student can ‘seek achievement’ by being rewarded for their achievement in a lesson of one of the following ‘Learning Attributes’:

  1. Resilience
  2. Reciprocity
  3. Readiness
  4. Resourcefulness
  5. Role Modelling
  6. Respectfulness
  7. Reflectiveness

Annual Awards.

Awards are given on a termly basis. There are various categories but they are mainly based on outstanding progress and outstanding attitude to learning. Awards are also given for 100% attendance and punctuality. 

There is also an annual awards ceremony for our graduates in the Great Hall at Aston University.