T Level Finance is a broad subject in Social Sciences that allows for the in-depth study of a range of specialties such as accountancy, finance, investment and wealth management. The outlinhe content for the T Level Technical Qualification in Finance has been produced by T Level panels of employers, professional bodies, and providers, based on the same standards as those used for Apprenticeships. Employers involved in designing the Outline Content include the Bank of England, London Institute of Banking and Finance, Lloyds Banking Group and AAT.

Core Component  

The core component covers the underpinning knowledge, concepts and skills that support threshold competence in the finance industry. It has 500 GLH and is assessed through two externally set Core Examinations and an Employer Set Project 

Occupational Specialist Component 

We at AUEA have chosen the Occupational Specialist Component in this Technical Qualification, to be Investment Banking and Asset and Wealth Management Analyst. Students undertaking the T Level Technical Qualification in Finance will qualify in this pathway which we believe will provide them with excellent future prospects. 

In the core element students will learn the following topics: 

  • The business environment
  • Careers within the finance and accounting professions  
  • Regulations 
  • Professionalism and ethics/equality, diversity and inclusion  
  • Security and risk  
  • Professional services  
  • Fundamentals of law 
  • Technology  
  • Data driven innovation/analytics and design thinking  
  • Research skills  
  • Project/change management and administration  
  • The financial services sector (finance pathway content)
  • Professionalism and ethics (finance pathway content) 

In the specialist pathway Investment Banking and Asset and Wealth Management – Students will: 

  • Operate ethically and professionally in all interactions with customers/clients and counter-parties. 
  • Explain products and services in investment banking to internal and external customers/ clients and counterparties. 
  • Explain products and services in asset and wealth management to internal and external customers/ clients. 
  • Apply principles of risk management in investment banking and asset and wealth management. 
  • Analyse financial information and data and present reports to internal and external providers 


Career Pathways.

T level in Finance course is a great way to develop many of the transferable skills needed for working in a Finance related career. T level in Finance cover subjects such as finance, management, investment banker, compliance officer, asset management. So it is hardly surprising that T level in Finance opens the doors to a number of career paths. These include Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Consultancy, Data Analyst, Investment Banking, Investment and Wealth Management.

Further information available from Mrs Ghale raj.ghale@auea.co.uk

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Further Information.

If you require further information on any aspect of the course you should contact the following:

Klara  Hyman
Klara Hyman,
Curriculum Area Leader Social Sciences