This is a 2 year course.

This course is designed to encourage students to develop skills, creativity, imagination and independence based on personal experience, taught skills and critical understanding.

The first year will consist of a personal project that requires students to research a chosen theme and develop and explore skills and techniques. Drawing skills will be at the heart of the projects and developed to show ways of recording and communicating intentions, ideas and emotions. Traditional methods and digital techniques can be used to explore ideas and produce final work. A specialisation in particular materials, media or processes should be evident to show depth and personalisation of study.

Investigation into the work of artists, designers and cultures is used to inspire and influence students work. Gallery visits are an important part of contextual study, visits to galleries such as Tate Modern, The National Gallery and Ikon Gallery will bring art to life and give students first hand experiences. 

Complementary Subjects.

Art goes well with many subjects. If you want a career in Architecture routes you might consider are Art and Maths.

Maths Engineering

Career Pathways.

Art could take you into a number of exciting career paths. There is interior design, automotive design, animation, architecture, landscape architecture and garden design, product design, jewellery design, teaching, advertising and many more.

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Further Information.

If you require further information on any aspect of the course you should contact the following:

Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams,
Subject Lead - Art and Design


Component 01: Personal investigation

  • A practical portfolio with supporting contextual research in response to a set theme.
  • A related study using words and illustrations demonstrating the context in which their portfolio exists, exploring the relevant genre, subject matter, movement or historical framework of the selected theme.

In February of the second year students will work on another project set by the exam board.

Component 02: Externally set task

Students can choose a starting point from any of the seven given themes for which they will generate an appropriate personal response for assessment. They will carry out preparatory work to research, plan and develop their ideas, before engaging in 15 hours of supervised time to complete their work.

Assessment & Weighting

Non-exam assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated).

Personal Investigation (01) 60% 120 marks

AO1 Develop 12% 24 marks

AO2 Explore 12% 24 marks

AO3 Record 12% 24 marks

AO4 Present 12% 24 marks

Related study 12% 24 marks

Externally set task (02) 40% 80 marks

15 hours non-exam assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated).

AO1 Develop 10% 20 marks

AO2 Explore 10% 20 marks

AO3 Record 10% 20 marks

AO4 Present 10% 20 marks