Assessment is fundamental to supporting students’ progress and attainment. At AUEA a wide range of assessment tools will be used to set targets, monitor progress and track the achievement of our students.

Efficient, up-to-date and accessible online reporting systems allow all staff in the Academy to work with accurate information about individual students to help them achieve challenging personal targets.

Target Setting.

GCSE Outcomes along with information about your prior achievement from your previous school will help us to select the most appropriate courses and pathways.

Targets for Year 10 students will be based on achievement in benchmark assessments on entry and their Key Stage 2 Outcomes.

Individual student targets (grades to beat) will be set based on this data These will be challenging but students will be well taught and supported so that they make rapid progress in acquiring new knowledge, skills and understanding.

Day to Day Assessment.

Teachers will use a whole range of strategies to assess students’ learning each lesson. Self, peer and teacher assessment will be used along with formal assessment activities and tests. The results from these will be recorded electronically, providing ‘real-time’ data about student performance across the Academy.

Periodic Assessment.

Regular ‘milestone’ assessments will check students’ progress in line with national standards  to ensure that they are on track to meet their  targets and to identify students in need of additional support. At least 3 assessments per term will be recorded in every subject.

Transitional Assessment.

At regular intervals (at least 3 times per year), students’ progress data across the Academy will be analysed. This data will be made available via the AUEA Firefly Parent Dashboard. Where students are identified as at risk of under performing,  detailed action plans will be developed and  shared with students and parents.

Parental Progress Review Meetings.

Students have a learning review session with their learning review tutor on a daily basis (Tuesday - Friday), in which they are challenged to evaluate their; progress, learning, and set themselves personal and group targets. These are recorded within their Progress First Folder.

We believe it is vital  that parents are part of this process and therefore as  parents you will have access to your child’s attainment data online. 

Twice a year student progress will be discussed with parents at a Progress Review meeting. Year 10 students will have 4 reviews during their 2 year courses. Towards the end of each year a formal report detailing progress and attainment in every subject will be issued to parents. You will be invited to  attend a minimum of two Progress Reviews each year. Year 11 Students also have an annual review day to provide a more in-depth review of progress and target setting.