GCSE Fine Art encourages and prepares students to explore, acquire and develop skills, knowledge and understanding through the application of techniques and processes. Students will look at relevant critical and contextual sources such as the work of historical and contemporary fine artists and use them to inspire their own work. Students will grow in their independence and develop knowledge, skills and understanding in an area of study that is personal to them.

Fine art allows students to actively engage in the creative process of art and develop as effective and independent learners. Art activates critical and reflective thinkers and develops a creative imagination. It also strengthens confidence in taking risks and learning from experience when exploring and experimenting with ideas, processes, materials and techniques. Students will develop and refine ideas to create a personal outcome with independence.

Gallery visits are an important part of contextual study, visits to galleries such as Tate Modern, The National Gallery and Ikon Gallery will bring art to life and give students firsthand experiences. 

Career Pathways.

Students who study Fine Art can progress further to A Level Fine Art before a career in growth areas such as architecture, interior design, automotive design, graphic design and jewellery design. Higher education institutions view the subject favourably as it demonstrates creativity and an ability to use a wide range of skills.

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Further Information.

If you require further information on any aspect of the course you should contact the following:

Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams,
Subject Lead - Art and Design


Component 01: Portfolio

  • Students produce a portfolio of practical work showing their personal response to a set starting point. The portfolio may be presented in a sketchbooks.
  • The portfolio must provide evidence that the student has met all four assessment objectives.

In January of year 11 students will work on another project set by the exam board.

Component 02: Externally set task

Students respond to one of five themes, each with a range of written and visual starting points and stimuli. Students research, plan and develop ideas for their response to the option they have chosen, which they must then realise within the ten-hour supervised time period.

Personal Investigation (01) 60% 120 marks

Non-exam assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated).

AO1 Develop 15% 30 marks

AO2 Explore 15% 30 marks

AO3 Record 15% 30 marks

AO4 Present 15% 30 marks

Externally set task (02) 40% 80 marks

10 hours non-exam assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated).

AO1 Develop 10% 20 marks

AO2 Explore 10% 20 marks

AO3 Record 10% 20 marks

AO4 Present 10% 20 marks