The WJEC Level 2 Award in Global Business Communication (German) emphasises not only language learning, but also an appreciation for the culture and business customs of the German-speaking world. As part of this course, students have the opportunity to learn about doing business in the German-speaking industrial heartland of Europe, as well as the language that is spoken there. 

Students will learn lots of transferable skills which can be applied equally in the English-speaking environment, such as interview, presentation and letter-writing skills. Some of our students go on to participate in our international exchange opportunities at our world famous partner engineering school, HTL Mödling.

Complementary Subjects.

English Engineering

Career Pathways.

Students who study the Level 2 Award go on to successful careers in all branches of engineering and also in business. Employers, colleges and universities pro-actively choose students who have the ability to communicate in another language.

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Student Views.

It's hard to learn languages but it helps you communicate with others which helps you in your future. German is a key language to learn for engineering.

- Humza Y10

I think learning languages at AUEA is great because trips abroad give us the chance to use our language with people, and you can then bring that Learning back into the classroom.

- Taya Y10

Learning languages is a difficult process but it's necessary because if you're learning a language you want to learn, it helps you learn another culture and integrate better.

- Rob Y10


Assessment is via a mixture of internal (portfolio/class tests) and external (examination) assessments.

Teaching Units, Assessment Method and Weighting.

1 - Global Opportunities
2 - Global Travel
3 - Global Customer Relationships
4 - Global Sales and Marketing