At AUEA, all students study for GCSEs in English Language and Literature. They are taught side-by-side, allowing students to focus on the cross-over of key skills and develop their analytical approaches to a wide range of texts.

In Literature, students will study four key literature texts: Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, as well as AQA’s anthology of poetry: Power and Conflict. In Language lessons, students will spend time developing their understanding of 19th Century and modern texts, both fiction and non-fiction, and will practise and develop skills in analysis, evaluation, comparison and imaginative/transactional writing.

During the two-year course there is a keen focus on developing reading and literacy levels, supporting students to make progress and develop confidence in studying English. 

Career Pathways.

Literacy, communication and technical accuracy are key skills that are necessary for success in a wide range of future career choices.

English Language is vitally important to all career pathways and is required by all employers, colleges and universities. Both English Language and Literature offer the students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and analytical approaches to a range of situations, and past students have stated this is particularly transferable with studying the Sciences.

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Student Views.

Since joining AUEA, I have made outstanding progress in English. The teachers adapt their teaching styles to help you progress in every way possible.

- Mohamed Isakji

The main strengths would include the in depth understanding and evaluation of content provided from the department and the odd twist of unique ideas from the students and teachers due to the respectful atmosphere created.

- Dariq Mohamed