Year 9 Science

In tune with the academy’s ethos, Team Science seeks to inspire scientists. We want our students to be so enthused by science that they build their futures on scientific study and scientific careers. We are excited to now have key stage 3 students at AUEA. Our curriculum has been designed to harness a student’s youthful enthusiasm and to develop a wide range of skills to prepare them for success in science. It is also heavily contextualised, themed and cross curricular, incorporating projects which allow students to gain CREST awards.

Due to offering only a one-year KS3, we have designed our curriculum to follow national curriculum guidelines and build a strong foundation of key knowledge and skills to increase students’ chances of success at GCSE.  It is definitely not a three year GCSE programme. The recent change addition of students joining the academy in year 9 rather than year 10 gives us the opportunity to ensure that all students start their GCSEs with the necessary skills and scientific knowledge succeed.

Year 9 topics are deliberately chosen to secure fundamental concepts, bridge gaps in students’ prior knowledge and ensure students have the opportunity to develop and improve a wide range of skills. We also link our material to social sciences by including a historical and geographical context.

Year 9 students have four hours of science lessons per week in which they will study the following topics..

Year 9 Curriculum Topics


Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term


  The basis of life




  Chemistry and Industry




  Light and Waves

    Exploring Space

     Climate Change


Crest Award

Year 9 students have one hour per week dedicated to working towards their CREST award. Students have the opportunity to complete practical STEM projects individually or in small groups and gain a highly regarded qualification. For more details see https://www.crestawards.org/

Complementary Subjects.

Mathematics is used throughout the sciences and the techniques learnt in one subject help build skills in the others.