The WJEC Language Pathways Qualifications in Mandarin has been designed to support a wide range of learners in the development of language skills, regardless of their skill on entering the course. As part of this course you will have the opportunity to use Mandarin in everyday life e.g. buying tickets, writing a letter to friends, etc. using your spoken and written skills. 

In the first year of the course you will have an introduction to the Mandarin language and culture, and learn key phrases and basic Mandarin grammar rules, which will enable you to gain confidence in writing and speaking Mandarin. This will take you to the end of the Autumn term (Christmas). You will then start the Spring term with Entry Level Spoken Mandarin and learn how to respond orally to unpredictable questions in familiar everyday situations and work-related context. During the Summer term you will start Level 1 Spoken and Written Mandarin where you will extract key information from spoken and written language and respond to predictable questions.

Career Pathways.

Foreign language skills can be used in almost any career, and particularly in businesses that trade internationally. Some examples are: interpreter, translator, project manager, scientist, engineer, marketing executive, academic researcher, logistics and distribution manager, linguist, just to name a few.

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Student Views.

“I really enjoy learning Chinese. It’s an interesting language and fun to learn.” Faye, year 9


WJEC Language Pathways Qualification Mandarin is internally assessed and externally moderated.

Students will be assessed on two of the three main units:

1) Communicating Personal Information

2) Social Activities

3) Education and Employment.

We offer the following Levels:

● Entry Level in Spoken Mandarin

● Level 1 Spoken Mandarin

● Level 1 Written Mandarin

● Level 2 Spoken Mandarin

● Level 2 Written Mandarin.

Each unit is a qualification. All written assessment must be Word processed and the speaking assessment will be recorded.

During the Autumn term you will start Unit 1 and complete listening, speaking, writing and translation assessments in Mandarin, which could be multiple choice questions, matching activities, written responses, etc. Assessments will take place at the end of each half term and you will be assessed on two different skills.

In the Spring term, when you start Entry Level in Spoken Mandarin – unit 2, you will complete one assessment each half term. Every speaking assessment requires you to do some research at home in the given topic. Throughout the Summer term, when you start Level 1 Spoken and Written Mandarin – unit 3, you will complete one oral and one written assessment per term. You can choose one different unit for each assignment. Every assessment you complete will be internally moderated and the grades externally verified by WJEC exam board.