LiFE gives students an online financial education on a 'learning by doing' basis looking at personal finances, money management and financial careers through accessible online learning.

 AUEA Students will complete The London Institute of Banking and Finance Level One in Financial Education Award. 

To gain this qualification, students will complete the Your Personal Finances unit.

In this unit, students will develop an understanding of money and sources of money. Thereby learning how to store money safely, how to prepare a personal budget and learn about different types of borrowing.

In addition, students will develop an understanding of saving money, borrowing money and different types of insurance. This unit will help them to develop understanding of spending and how to become competent at managing your own money

The qualification will encourage students to:

● develop an understanding of the key content areas and how they relate to each other;

● use appropriate tools to manage a personal budget;

● make informed financial decisions;

● demonstrate numeracy skills, including the ability to manipulate financial and other

numerical data (such as calculating the costs of borrowing and spending);

● communicate basic financial concepts;

● increase a students’ ability to learn independently

Complementary Subjects.

This course will contextualises Maths and support your wider numeracy.

Moving forward into KS4, you may remain with Business Studies department to complete KS4 BTEC Tech in Enterprise.

Career Pathways.

The financial services industry covers a wide range of companies and services that manage money and financial affairs for individuals, and for private or public sector organisations.

Careers in the financial sector

Insurance: works closely with other professionals, including doctors, lawyers and fire officers, to gather evidence, assess risk and resolve claims against insurance policies.

Brokerage: a brokerage firm facilitates the buying and selling of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and money market securities.

Actuarial: actuaries use their skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events. Retail and commercial banking: the finance sector's biggest employers, banks and building societies enable individuals and businesses to manage their money and access products such as loans, mortgages and insurance.

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Students are assessed via a multiple-choice online assessment in June 2021.