The WJEC Level 2 Vocational Award in Global Business Communication in German emphasises not only language learning, but also an appreciation of the culture and business customs of the German-speaking world. As part of this course students have the opportunity to learn about doing business in the German-speaking industrial heartland of Europe, as well as learning the language that is spoken there.

In the first year of the course, you will have an introduction to the German language and learn key phrases and basic German grammar rules, which will enable you to gain confidence in writing and speaking German. This will take you to the end of the Autumn term (Christmas). You will then start the Spring term with Unit 1 and learn about the importance of studying foreign languages for individuals and for business. During the Summer term, you will learn about developing positive customer relationships and understanding customer enquiries, which is part of Unit 3.

Career Pathways.

Foreign language skills can be used in almost any career, and particularly in businesses that trade internationally. Some examples are: interpreter, translator, broadcast journalist, doctor, surgeon, pharmacist, engineer, marketing executive, academic researcher, logistics and distribution manager, police officer, linguist, just to name a few.

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Student Views.

“ I am really enjoying German because having a great teacher is the thing that helps you the most.” Nauraiz, Year 9


WJEC Level 2 Vocational Award in Global Business Communication is assessed in the following way:

Unit 1 – Internal assessment 25%

Unit 2 – Externally assessed in June 25%

Unit 3 – Internal assessment 25%

Unit 4 – Internal assessment 25%

All assessments must be word-processed.

During the Autumn term, you will complete reading, listening, speaking, writing and translation assessments in German, which could be multiple choice questions, matching activities, written response in full sentences, etc. Assessments will take place at the end of each half term and you will be assessed on two different skills.

In the Spring term, when you start Unit 1, you will complete assessments every two to three weeks. 50% of every assessment requires you to do some independent research and write up your findings in English. The other half of the assessment requires you to write a CV and cover letter in German, attend an interview and respond to questions in German. Throughout the Summer term you will complete Unit 3 assessment, which requires you to read information in German and write your findings in English, similar to Unit 1. You will also listen to German customers and respond to them in German.