The CCEA Digital Skills Framework takes the concepts behind the three broad tiers of digital skills and applies them to the context of a learner within a school setting. The framework should ensure that learners attending schools become:

  • Digital Citizens, with the skills that will enable them to take part in digital aspects of society, safely and without hindrance;
  • Digital Workers, who are able to apply their digital skills to further their learning or in a work-related setting; and
  • Digital Makers, who are starting to build their own technology.

Microsoft Skills

Students also work through a series of exercises to obtain certificates in competency using Microsoft products i.e. Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Students will also learn about E-Safety in the following areas:

- Self-image and identity

- Online relationships

- Online reputation

- Online bullying

- Managing online information

- Health, well-being and lifestyle

- Privacy and security

- Copyright and ownership