BCA Smart Product Design and Manufacture (SPDM) Level 2 Technical Award is a GCSE equivalent course with League Table Points. The purpose of the course is to provide pupils with practical technical knowledge, understanding and skills in designing and manufacturing products using contemporary technologies. SPDM integrates 3D printing, CAD/CAM, coding and microcontrollers.

Benefits to Students

  • Developing and applying real skills in the use of new and emerging technologies – helping increase student employment prospects
  • Learning, developing and applying STEM concepts in an engaging way – which means pupils learn aspects of maths, engineering and science organically
  • Experiencing each step of the journey from design concept to physical product
  • Enjoyment of the course!

Career Pathways.

Students who study Smart Product Design can progress further to A Level Design & Technology: Product Design before a career in growth areas such as electronics, architecture, graphic and product design and project management. Higher education institutions view the subject favourably as it demonstrates curricular diversity and an ability to use a wide range of skills

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