Aston University Sixth Form is part of Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA) Birmingham’s University Technical College sponsored by Aston University. 

Aston University Sixth Form provides specialist technical Level 3 education in Engineering, Science and Business. 100% of learners graduate to Employment, Apprenticeships and University, with 2020 seeing 81% to University degrees and 40% specifically to Aston University STEM degrees.

Aston University Sixth Form co-inhabits AUEA’s building which was designed for 600 students. In 2020/21 AUEA and the sixth form accounted for over 714 students including 250 Year 12 students. 

Post 16 Capacity Bid

The UTC is seeking to secure a small extension on AUEA’s site through the recently announced Post 16 Capacity fund (

The objectives are:

  1. Provide permanent accommodation for the increased 114 students above our 600 building capacity (who are currently being served through pop up covid classrooms including the school hall).
  2. Allow the existing cohort numbers of Year 12 to progress to Year 13 
  3. Permanently raising the Year 12 Pupil Admission Number (PAN) from  180 students to 270. This would see the Total On Roll for AUEA and Aston University Sixth Form settle at 795.
  4. Increase the specialist classroom provision, especially in regard to pneumatics and mechatronics (sponsorship by FESTO and Royal Navy)


Given AUEA’s small site surrounded by Canal and Ring Road the bid is seeking a small footprint extension attached to the South-West corner of the Existing Building.

Please note: Images show are conceptional art ideas only. 


The consultation will run from Monday 7th June 2021 until Friday 16th July 2021. As well as being published on AUEA’s website the consultation has been shared with Birmingham Share Holders including; Secondary Headteachers, FE Colleges, Birmingham Post 16 Forum, Titan Education Partnership, Innovation Birmingham. Knowledge Quarter Education, BCC Admissions, Sponsor Aston University, Parents, and Students.

Consultation Feedback

Outcomes of Consultation

Consultation closed on Friday 16th July 2021, however, we remain committed to receive any feedback on Aston University Engineering Academy and Aston University Sixth Form. Please feedback to Principal Daniel Locke-Wheaton via